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InterLEWD Creations Monster Girl Tailes version 0.33.0
Monster Girl Tailes is a 18+ hentai adventure game based on harem anime where you find sexy monster girls and then seduce them into lewd acts. Story You are the newest student to...

interlewd creations, 3dcg, adventure, action, big breasts, blowjob, dating sim, male protagonist, monster girl, vaginal sex
25.05.2023 add version 0.33.0
Darkhound1 Holiday Island version
You, the player (a guy) won a lottery for holidays on a Pacific island. But is not just any island. It is full of beautiful girls. You can play the game's intro story to learn all...

darkhound1, 3dcg, dating sim, oral sex, voyeurism, male protagonist, animated, big ass, big tits, exhibitionism, footjob, handjob, masturbation, sex toys, titfuck
22.05.2023 add version
Nrt Mha Lust Town version 0.1.95
Our game, Lust Town, relates the tale of a young man who sees himself involved in a grand history full of magic, shady deals, drugs and corruption after meeting a special and...

lustygames, visual novel, dating sim, erotic, life simulation, relationship, renpy, romance, big breasts, milf
19.05.2023 add version 0.1.95
Daraus Doki Doki Hentai Club version 0.29
A hentai parody made by a DDLC fan to DDLC fans using DDLC's and Team Salvato's characters and illusion Koikatsu game and software! ChangeLog (v0.29): Added a new service to...

daraus, 3dcg, animated, big breasts, dating sim, harem, male protagonist, masturbation, mobile game
19.05.2023 add version 0.29
Aaryn Straight version 0.05.1
Straight!? is a work in progress dating sim/visual novel that specifically focuses on M4M and gay content. The story follows the main character, Zack, from his first day of...

aaryn, male protagonist, gay, dating sim, romance, corruption, character development, slice of life, self exploration, oral sex, anal sex
13.05.2023 add version 0.05.1
Changer Spiral Clicker version 0.45
In this game, you use the power of a spiral powered by your clicks to build up energy and challenge various women to battles of wills. Break through mental barriers to level up...

changer, 2dcg, big breasts, dating sim, fantasy, mind control, rpg
13.05.2023 add version 0.45
Thegp The Guinea Pig version 0.30a
The content is in it's conceptual phase so far, so expect some bugs and typos. I intend to update it monthly, and release periodic bugfixes as needed. The Guinea Pig is an erotic...

thegp, dating sim, life simulator, gangbang, double penetration
12.05.2023 add version 0.30a
Verbadrome Cape Caspry version 0.1.4
This game is set in the small town of Cape Caspry, where our young male protagonist arrives after he decided to leave his old life behind. Hoping to lead an ordinary life after...

verbadrome, adult, dating sim, erotic, hand-drawn, ren'py, romance, spooky, story rich
Splendid Ostrich Newlife version 0.7.20
Overview: Newlife is an erotic text-based female-perspective RPG. In this game you'll usually play as a man who's accidentally transformed into a woman - make a new life for...

splendid ostrich, anal, blowjob, dating sim, gender bender, female protagonist, male protagonist, transformation, vaginal sex
07.05.2023 add version 0.7.20
Vinfamy LifePlay version 2023.04 Stable
Overview: LifePlay is a life simulation RPG that allows you to play in 186+ real world cities. The game has extensive character customization and includes 632+ scenes, depicting...

vinfamy, 3d animated, life simulator, custom protagonist, dating sim, pregnancy, vaginal sex, oral sex, 3dcg, blowjob, corruption, group sex, multiple protagonist, simulator
05.05.2023 add version 2023.04 Stable
Kokopelli X-Chang Life version 0.17a
You may experience some slowness on the website while it's getting used to the increased traffic... it should get better soon, but I've also added an offline version....

kokopelli, aphrodite, reality, dating sim, life simulator, big breasts, glasses
02.05.2023 add version 0.16e
Hizor Games Uni version 0.46.106b
Uni it's the name of the city that the game takes place in and you play as a female protagonist, a girl whose fate is entirely up to you. Much like a date-sim game, you'll attend...

hizor games, 2dcg, big breasts, blackmail, corruption, dating sim, femdom, female protagonist, footjob, oral, prostitution, vaginal sex, voyeurism
21.04.2023 add version 0.46.106b
LadyNicole Schizophrenia version 0.2.3b
I played many superb games here so I decided to add one too. This is my first game and is in early dev stage, so please keep it in mind :). However I am opened to any feedback...

ladynicole, html game, reality, dating sim, life simulator
20.04.2023 add version 0.2.3b
Flexible Media Paradise Lust version 0.25.0L
Paradise Lust is a visual novel and erotic dating sim, interspersed with simple subgames. The game follows the story of the wreck of the Moby Dick; a pleasure yacht chartered by...

flexible media, 2dcg, animated, male protagonist, big tits, exhbitionism, harem, lesbian, milf, adventure, dating sim, humor, point and click, puzzle
18.04.2023 add version 0.25.0L
Angelic Laddie Kinky Apprenticeship version 3.0
It is a game where the MC (you) discovers that they have magic and of course wonders how to use it to have lots of sexy time. To help them in their task, there are lovely...

angelic laddie, 3d, adult, dating sim, erotic, fantasy, lgbtqia, magic, romance, storygame
Darkcookie Summertime Saga version 0.20.16 Pre-tech
Censorship: None Version: 0.20.16 Pre-tech Platform: Win/Mac Language: English After his father died leaving his mother, sister and him behind, their father's death though was...

darkcookie, visual novel, adventure, milf, big breast, rpg, slg, ecchi, dating sim, vn, big tits, voyeurism, humor, public sex
24.03.2023 add version 0.20.16 Pre-tech
Vortex Cannon Entertainment Party18 plus version 4.80
You are a couple of lovers who are together for a long time and want to try something new in your bed, but do not know where to start or what you might like. You recently started...

vortex cannon entertainment, real porn, male protagonist, adventure, dating sim, sci-fi, voyeurism, exhibitionism, vaginal sex, oral sex, group sex
19.03.2023 add version 4.80
Novel Twists of My Life version 1.1.2
"Twists of My Life" - is a visual novel where every decision you make can completely change the storyline. There's no "game over" if you pick the wrong answer,...

novel, 3dcg, male protagonist, dating sim, animated, cheating, creampie, oral sex, group sex, voyeurism, sex toys, vaginal sex, anal sex, footjob, spanking
19.03.2023 add version 1.1.2
Pers0nas Sensei Overnight version 0.16.5
If you were to spend so much of your life doing one thing in one place, to move to a different place to do the same thing, would that be considered a 'fresh start'? In Sensei...

pers0nas, casual, dating sim, erotic, kinetic novel, mystery, nsfw, renpy, romance, school girl, teen girl, teens, bath, small tits, tiny tits, schoo
15.03.2023 add version 0.16.5
Runey Harem Hotel version 0.16.2
Censorship: None Version: 0.16.2 + update only OS: Win/Mac Language: English You've inherited the "Harem Hotel", a hotel where 8 beautiful women stay! Upgrade your...

male protag, incesto, 3dcg, harem, honey select, dating sim, trainer, lesbian, urination, bdsm, femdom, runey
12.03.2023 add version 0.16.2

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