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Mr.C Corruption version final
Overview: The girls in the game are becoming increasingly depraved and enslaved. You can see different events for each corruption level....

mrc, mr.c, 3dcg, male protagonist, incest, milf, corruption, mind control, slave, harem, drugs, big ass, big tits, exhibitionism, handjob, male domination
28.05.2023 add version final
Ex_com Woman simulator build 0.3.1b
I'm currently developing a QSP game. It's a sandbox. You will manage the life of a young woman. It's a rebranded "Violetta"....

ex_com, adv, slg, 3dcg, qsp, teen, exhibitionism, masturbation, virgin, lesbian, oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex
Arcgames Corrupted Kingdoms version 0.18.9
You are the hero - or possibly villain - of this tale, originally on a journey to discover why your family was driven out of your home town, but quickly thrust into events beyond...

arcgames, 3dcg, adventure, ahegao, anal, animated, bdsm, big tits, cheating, corruption, cosplay, creampie, exhibitionism, fantasy, handjob
25.05.2023 add version 0.18.9
Xagrim's Gameforge The Promise version 0.87
Overview: You played as a man aged forty who has promised his family a lot. And now its the time to make the promise real. You must work hard and make much descisions for your...

xagrim's gameforge, 3dcg, animated, corruption, exhibitionism, big tits, life simulation, male protagonist, masturbation, milf, rpg, romance, seductio, xagrims gameforge
24.05.2023 add version 0.87
Mike Velesk Ludus Master version 1.1
Ludus Master is an adult, management style game, situated in an ancient Rome times. You play as a young guy who must return from military service after his father's death to take...

mike velesk, 3d game, historical, male protagonist, animated, milf, virgin, bdsm, corruption, cosplay, group sex, exhibitionism
22.05.2023 add version 1.1
Mike Velesk Warlock of Lust version 3.2
You play a role of a young prince who was ousted by his mother and is now in exile. It is up to you to seduce your allies, corrupt your enemies and regain control of your throne....

mike velesk, 3dcg, animated, big breasts, bondage-bdsm, cosplay, exhibitionism, group, male protagonist, milf, slave, vaginal sex
22.05.2023 add version 3.2
Darkhound1 Holiday Island version
You, the player (a guy) won a lottery for holidays on a Pacific island. But is not just any island. It is full of beautiful girls. You can play the game's intro story to learn all...

darkhound1, 3dcg, dating sim, oral sex, voyeurism, male protagonist, animated, big ass, big tits, exhibitionism, footjob, handjob, masturbation, sex toys, titfuck
22.05.2023 add version
DrunkNescafe New Paths version 0.13a
Overview: We follow the female protagonist and her choice to move away from the Mountain Village to the capital. She at this point has a job as a waitress/bartender at the local...

drunknescafe, 3dcg, adventure, big breasts, corruption, blackmail, exhibitionism, voyeur
19.05.2023 add version 0.13a
Moochie Photo Hunt version 0.15.3a
The story is happening around your character, who was unwilingly sent to his mother house. The city you have known before is now like different - so much has changed. Above all,...

moochie, 3dcg, male protagonist, voyeurism, exhibitionism, male domination, female domination, footjob, masturbation, handjob, milf, big ass, big tits, incesto
18.05.2023 add version 0.15.3a
Jikei Mythic Manor version  0.20 fix
Mythic Manor is a free adult interactive visual novel game offering a new home and a new world. Delve deep into your fantasies and experience the day-to-day life of sharing a...

jikei, 3dcg, male protagonist, mobile game, animated, fantasy, harem, male domination, big ass, big tits, exhibitionism, groping, lactation, lesbian
11.05.2023 add version 0.20 fix
Royarus To the Fullest Rebuild version 0.22
Overview: In this game you’ll take the role of a husband and a father of a 1 year old. Unfortunately your relationship with your wife is terrible. You hardly see each other and...

royarus, male protagonist, real porn, anal sex, exhibitionism, cheating, oral sex, stripping, teasing, vaginal sex, voyeurism, sandbox, simulator
Classy Lemon After the Inferno version 0.7
Earth has long since been abandoned, and what remains of humanity is now spread out across the galaxy. So what happened at Earth? That part of history has long since been lost to...

classy lemon, 3dcg, animated, male protagonist, voiced, handjob, oral sex, vaginal sex, creampie, masturbation, exhibitionism, fantasy, graphic viole
05.05.2023 add version 0.7
Gaweb Studio Glassix version 0.78.1
Overview: It's a trainer game as well where you play as a teenager who lives with his step-mom and sister/step-sister and just moved to a new town after your father passes away....

gaweb studio, handjob, vaginal sex, oral sex, anal sex, humiliation, slave, voyeur, exhibitionism, milf, urination, bdsm
25.04.2023 add version 0.78.1
Jpmaggers The Repurposing Center version 0.5.12(a)
Overview: "The Repurposing Center" is an interactive erotic fiction about a dystopian not too distant future in which undesirables are carted off the streets by...

jpmaggers, bdsm, character, creation, corruption, dystopian, setting, exhibitionism, female protagonist, group sex, humiliation, lesbian, male protagonist
24.04.2023 add version 0.5.12(a)
Paradicezone Public Sex Life H version 0.75b
Hi, I'm Paradice, I'm currently in the process of making a Trainer type game, filled with many different characters. All/most sex scenes are fully animated with sound for maximum...

paradicezone, 3dcg, anal sex, animated, bukkake, corruption, creampie, exhibitionism, groping, handjob, harem, humilation, male domination, male protagonist
24.04.2023 add version 0.75b
3Diddly Games Wifey's Dilemma Revisited version 0.24.0
Overview: This Game is a reboot of Wifey's Dilemma, with many new upgrades and features. In this game, the main character marries his friend so that she can stay in the country...

3diddly games, 3dcg, big ass, exhibitionism, male protagonist, mobile game, netorare, teasing, vaginal sex
Winterfire Workers of Kartedhir version r39
Workers of Kartedhir is a 2D RPG Game, set in a fantasy medieval world whose gameplay is split in two parts: The prostitute's perspective and the protagonist's perspective. How...

winterfire, rpg, unity-3d, exhibitionism, unity, 2dcg, slavery, male protagonist, female protagonist
BrokenTorpedo Queen in Deficit version 0.23a
In this game you play as a newly crowned queen of a little kingdom, who has to pick up after her father's untimely death. And how she found out that she could solving many of her...

brokentorpedo, 2d game, 2dcg, female protagonist, fantasy, rpg, milf, group sex, vaginal sex, exhibitionism
26.03.2023 add version 0.23a
Monkeyposter_7 Thirsty For My Guest season 3 episode 25
When you met Vicki all those years ago, you had great fun together. She already had a young daughter, Jenna, who was a joy to be around. The relationship was doomed from the start...

monkeyposter_7, 3dcg, animated, big breasts, corruption, cheating, exhibitionism, male protagonist, romance, voyeurism, monkeyposter 7
21.03.2023 add version season 3-25
Vortex Cannon Entertainment Party18 plus version 4.80
You are a couple of lovers who are together for a long time and want to try something new in your bed, but do not know where to start or what you might like. You recently started...

vortex cannon entertainment, real porn, male protagonist, adventure, dating sim, sci-fi, voyeurism, exhibitionism, vaginal sex, oral sex, group sex
19.03.2023 add version 4.80

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