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Arcgames Corrupted Kingdoms version 0.18.9
You are the hero - or possibly villain - of this tale, originally on a journey to discover why your family was driven out of your home town, but quickly thrust into events beyond...

arcgames, 3dcg, adventure, ahegao, anal, animated, bdsm, big tits, cheating, corruption, cosplay, creampie, exhibitionism, fantasy, handjob
25.05.2023 add version 0.18.9
Softscale FarmD version 1.5.0
Overview: FarmD is a furry sex sandbox game, focused on engaging in lewd acts with your four-legged dragon friend. The game is still early in development, and will be expanded to...

softscale, 3d game, anal sex, animated, big ass, big tits, character creation, creampie, fantasy, female protagonist, furry, monster, vaginal sex, virgin
25.05.2023 add version 1.5.0
TF runner by Sicco version
Has three screenplay: 1. Lesbian vampire lover (female to vampire) - The transformation of a young chaste girl into an obscene lesbian vampire. 2. Amazon desire ( male to female )...

sicco, vampire, fantasy, jan mrkvicka, lesbian, sex toys, big breasts, hairy pussy
24.05.2023 add version
Crossdressing in Camelot by Stickyicky version 0.41.6
Overview: Crossdressing in Camelot is an adventure RPG, with transformation elements focusing on feminization. You play as a young man who wishes to become an adventurer, but ends...

stickyicky, 2dcg, 3dcg, anal, big tits, corruption, creampie, fantasy, female domination, gay, lactation, male domination, male protagonist, oral
24.05.2023 add version 0.41.6
Mirrodin The Pleasuremancer version 0.3.25
In this game you play a necromancer who lived a long time ago and who lost all these powers. Your goal is to escape all the problem a weak man have, being stronger, have your...

mirrodin, lesbian, 2dcg, male protagonist, monsters, fantasy, rpg, adventure
Threshold Monster Girl Dreams version 25.2a Hot Fix
Overview: Monster Girl Dreams is a text based BFRPG made in Ren'Py. (The BF stands for Battle Fuck.) The game is currently in alpha and is in active development, and while...

threshold, adventure, ahegao, anal, bdsm, big ass big tits, creampie, drugs, fantasy, footjob, groping, harem, lactation, male protagonist
22.05.2023 add version 25.2a Hot Fix
Crouler AloneXP version
You are, what people refer to as, the divine. You don't know any details, and you must unravel your situation in this large world, full of different people and things to do! And...

crouler, rpg, vaginal sex, oral sex, anal sex, adventure, fantasy, group sex, lesbian, 2d game, combat, bdsm, futanaria
22.05.2023 add version
Magical Camp by HLF version 0.5 Fin bugfix 8c
In Magical Camp, you play as a young loser who through a twist of fate finds himself trapped in a boot camp for Magical Girls. Now he has to hide his true identity and somehow...

hlf, 2dcg, anal sex, animated, big tits, fantasy, male protagonist, monster, multiple penetration, oral sex, rpg, sissification, tentacles, transformation
22.05.2023 add version 0.5 Fin bugfix 8c
Liete Witch's Mansion version 1.0
This adorable game has you running around inside a mysterious mansion to escape and reverse the curse put on you by the evil Witch. You'll have to solve the puzzles and collect...

liete, rpg, witch, fantasy, magic
22.05.2023 add version 1.0
Indoor Minotaur Daughter of Essence version 0.12
In Daughter of Essence, you play as Mercy, a young woman who just wants to be free. Free from obligation, free from the oppressive watchfulness of her family, and free from the...

indoor minotaur, female protagonist, fantasy, adventure, masturbation, oral sex, futa, group sex, sex toys, gay, lesbian, male domination, combat
21.05.2023 add version 0.12
Seal of the Succubi by Kurohi version 1.04
You play as Raymond, chosen to be sacrificed to a haunted mansion. Lots of porn....

kurohi, html, adv, fantasy
21.05.2023 add version 1.04
The Hero We Need by Brandygang version 6.63
The game follows "Bernida", as she's been transformed and redubbed on her quest to defeat the Demon Lord, Dark Queen Heliot. Stuck as girl and sucked into a strange...

brandygang, quest, fantasy, monster girl, demon girl, rpg
21.05.2023 add version 6.63
Project Helius Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft version 0.46
The Paralogue is a series of transitory game builds serving as a full scale upgrade of Fallen Doll and a concept prototype of Fallen Doll's sequel. As a frontier research and...

project helius, 3dcg, animated, anal, big breasts, fantasy, monsters, sci-fi, vaginal sex
20.05.2023 add version 0.46
Two succubi High School Of Succubus version 1.70
Overview: You are the succubus and you have a task to corrupt your target to complete the course. The start of the game is a visual novel type but then it changes. Our game is not...

two succubi, 2dcg, female protagonist, fantasy, animated, corruption, mind control, masturbation, lesbian, oral sex, handjob, sex toys, school setting
20.05.2023 add version 1.70
Team Dead Deer Price for Freedom: Avarice build 27.3
The game will tell the story of another cast of characters, in another town, and another time. The format will allow our team to drastically expand on world lore, side stories,...

team dead deer, monster girls, adv, fantasy, monsters, arbuzbudesh
19.05.2023 add build 27.3
Diogaoo Hero Corruption 2 version 0.35b
Overview: Play as a Hero in this Roguelike RPG: Fight girls and challenge yourself for the highest Score while preserving you Hero's sanity. Will your Hero be a Legend or a Sex...

diogaoo, male protagonist, real porn, religion, anal sex, combat, fantasy, female domination, oral sex, prostitution
Kosmosgames Lust Effect version 1.0
The time has come for the final version 1.0. I will continue to take your reports and make the game better. But now the priority will be "Bright Past."...

renpy, sci-fi, interactive, animation, sexy girls, big tits, big ass, all sex, handjob, seduction, voyeur, space, fantasy, kosmosgames
Lustful Illumination Kalyskah version 0.21.3
Kalyskah is an Adult Action-Adventure Role-Playing Game where you control Kalyskah Karnstein, a noble lady of a long-dead vampire family who wakes up after thousands of years of...

kalyskah team, 3d game, 3dcg, adventure, anal sex, animated, bdsm, big tits, small tits, fantasy, group sex, lustful illumination, rpg, big boobs, blowjob, fisting, beastiality, rough sex
17.05.2023 add version 0.21.3
Chyos A Struggle With Sin version
A Struggle With Sin is the story of a fantasy world in the midst of a civil war. Rising taxes and raids by orcs and bandits make each villager act according to their own needs...

chyos, 3dcg, big ass, big breasts, blowjob, erotic adventure, incesto, male protagonist, milf, monsters, netorare, fantasy, creampie, interracial, masturbation
17.05.2023 add version

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